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Thank you for booking with BEK Moving! This letter is a helpful guide to make your move day go as safely and efficiently as possible. You will also learn what you can expect from us during your move. Remember we are here to make you move as stress-free and as easy as possible for you. Boxes/Totes -Be sure to tape shut the tops and bottoms of all boxes with clear packing tape (other kinds of tape do not adhere to cardboard). Please do not leave the tops of boxes or totes open or overfill the boxes or totes as this makes it hard and unsafe to load into the moving truck. Having closed and well-taped boxes will make it easier for the movers to pack in the moving trucks and speed up the move. Also, if possible, try to use uniform-sized boxes. This makes loading and stacking boxes easier and saves space on the truck. Write "FRAGILE" as needed on boxes. If you would like us to place the boxes in specific areas when we are unloading, be sure to write on the top and sides of the boxes the room in which you would like us to place them. A general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the smaller the box (ex. books and canned goods = small boxes, lamps and pillows = large boxes). This makes lifting safer and will help speed up the move. **Any boxes/totes that are falling apart or spilling over the top may not be able to be moved. These can lead to items falling out, causing messes, damage, and/or injury** ** Please inform us if you have more boxes/totes than originally quoted for as it will add time to the move and may require additional movers** $$ Time-saving tip $$: Some customers prefer us to place all boxes in a common area (front room, garage, etc.) to displace themselves after we are finished with your move.

Parking -Shorter walks to and from or truck equals less time it takes to move. Try to save a good parking space for our truck. Tell your neighbors you are moving. Use your vehicle(s) as a parking space and you can move it when we arrive. Be aware that our truck is tall (13’6”) and sometimes low hanging tree branches and power lines can interfere with our positioning of the truck. Also, be sure to tell us if your driveway is less than 6months old as the moving truck is heavy and could cause damage to it. $$ Time-Saving Tip $$: You can have the city block off a section of the road for us to park on your moving day. This will save time trying to find a parking spot on congested streets. Oversized or Heavy Items -Inform us if there are any oversized, unique, and/or heavy items that we will need to move. This includes, but is not limited to, safes, pianos, marble-topped furniture, 7-foot or taller pieces of furniture, tool chests, pinball machines, or stand-up arcades. These items may need additional tools and/or manpower and we want to come prepared. All file cabinets, except 2-drawer, non-fireproof verticals, must be empty. Baby grand pianos, spinet pianos, upright pianos, and safes (not more than 500lb) can be moved but have an additional $125.00 charge per item. BEK

Moving will not move grand pianos, safes, or anything exceeding 500lbs (some companies specialize in moving these items and is safer for all of us on move day). Some access points may be too unsafe to move oversized or heavy items. If our movers feel unsafe, we may not be able to move furniture to certain places.

Structurally Unsafe Items –Some furniture is not meant to move once it is assembled. IKEA and particle board furniture are good examples and are not designed to be moved once assembled. We can disassemble and move these items but will not be held responsible for any damages or if the pieces cannot be reassembled at the unload address. Floor lamps are not constructed to be moved once assembled. We ask that they are disassembled and packed in a box. If the floor lamp is moved outside of a box, BEK Moving takes no responsibility for the damage.

Hazardous or Unsafe Items or Surroundings -We are under DOT regulation and cannot, move any explosives, extremely flammable materials, full gas cans or propane tanks, loaded weapons, or any illegal possessions. Also, we WILL NOT perform any moving if the surroundings are hazardous or unsanitary to be in. Please make sure your pets are cleaned up after and the house is clean and safe for our movers to work in. Our mover’s safety and health is our 1st concern, thank you for understanding.

Access -Our movers need clear access to and throughout the work area. Please have the areas where we will be working clean, all walkways free of obstructions, stairs cleared off, and, if needed, pictures and mirrors off the walls if any furniture will be carried directly through those areas. Please inform us of long walks or multiple staircases. This can add a lot of time to a move and may require additional movers to speed up the loading and unloading of your belongings.

Extremely Valuable, Breakable, Fragile Items -Point out to us if any particular items are in need of special care. We will make sure to take any extra precautions to safely move these items. Sometimes you should transport these items if they can fit in your vehicle (we can help you load and unload these items from your vehicle). This will keep them isolated from any other items and can give you peace of mind. There will be items that will only fit in our moving truck, so we will put them in the safest place possible during transport.

Furniture Contents -Please empty the contents inside of your furniture. Loose shelves inside bookcases and china cabinets, along with any removable pegs that hold up the shelves, should also be removed. You may keep the drawers inside your chests, dressers, and nightstands. However, clothes and items must be removed from the drawers. Leaving items and clothes in the furniture adds weight and some drawers are not designed to be moved. If items/clothes are left in the furniture they will not be moved.

Televisions and Electronics -We prefer you to unplug and disconnect your televisions and electronics that you can. In doing so, you will be familiar with reconnecting them as we will not due to liability reasons. However, we understand that some electronic connections are unable to be disconnected without moving furniture to reach them. In those instances, we can assist you with that on move day. Have an empty box ready for those last-minute items to be packed. We will remove your mounted flat-screen televisions and mounts as long as they are reachable from the ground. We WILL NOT remount any televisions.

Appliances -Unplug refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours in advance to defrost. Wait at least one hour to plug them in after they have been moved to let the fluids settle in the motor to prevent any damage. We can disconnect and reconnect your appliance water lines for you as well. However, we can not be liable for any damage to leaky or faulty hoses or connections. Please have your washers empty of water and clothes on move day. Our movers cannot connect or disconnect gas appliances (please call the gas company to disconnect and cap the gas line). Most electric dryers are run on a 220-volt outlet. This outlet is either a 3-prong or 4-prong outlet. Make sure your new home's outlet matches the plug on your dryer. If it doesn't, the cord will have to be switched out to correctly match.

Inclement Weather -The only weather we typically do not move in is heavy snow and ice. Be prepared if it happens to be a wet day outside. Protect floors with low-profile mats or cardboard. Please put the mats outside your door for us to wipe our feet. And don’t worry, we will take more precautions to protect your items from any precipitation. We offer a carpet shield for purchase that we can bring on move day per your request. BEK Moving will be in contact the days leading up to your move and work on alternate move dates if the weather becomes too unsafe.**Our employees safety is our number 1 priority and our employees hold the right to stop a move if they feel unsafe. We ask that all parties use sound judgment with inclement weather**•Poor weather conditions on the day of your move may hurt your move, and we may experience delays as a result. •Please be aware that you will be charged for the total time that the movers are on your job despite poor weather conditions. •We ask that you do your best to shovel and salt the driveways, steps, walkways, and clear all paths that the movers may use as access points to move your belongings. **BEK Moving is not liable for any damages due to unsafe conditions caused by weather, please help us be proactive in preparing for your move**

Disassembly and Reassembly -We are equipped with a basic toolbox to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. In rare instances, some furniture requires special tools to remove bolts and other hardware. Feel free to take apart anything ahead of time before our arrival. $$ Time-Saving Tip $$: Any disassembly and reassembly you can perform yourself will speed up the move. Closing –We understand problems can arise when closing on your old or new house. We allow a 30-minute grace window. After the 30 minutes are up, you will be on the clock at the hourly rate. We will do our best to coordinate with you and not accrue any downtime. Keep in contact with us if any times change or closing issues occur.

Gratuity –Many customers ask if the movers accept tips. YES! But, only if you feel they deserve it

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